Anonymous: I love both skins so much and am so exited for this! What site/ YouTube channel will it be on?

Click on the link on our page for the youtube.

Anonymous: If I have no experience, can I still audition


doyenthespectacular: Hi! Where can I find the website for the online/NYC auditions? I think that what you're doing is awesome. There's never been a show that I could connect with before Skins.

We’ll be opening one soon, stay tuned for more information!

bloo-grass: Just wondering, will you guys have a opening sequence like both skins?


Anonymous: Hey how are things going?? any new information ? xx

We’re starting over fresh and we’ve developed the characters and plots a lot further. Getting started on scripts and this whole generation is going to be amazing.


I want you in here. I always want you in here.